Monday, January 28, 2008


Today was supposed to be Mavis Monday (when I clean the house) but Dirk was off work so I decided to have a Mavis Tuesday this week instead. Last week, Daniel noticed a stream running through our garage and it turned out that the geyser was leaking. Plumbing must be a booming business in Hermanus because all the plumbers were busy on Friday, so we endured mostly cold water all weekend. The guy sorted it this morning, so we hope the desperate splurts of water from our pipes will now all be over.

I ventured back to Curves gym this evening. The doctor had booked me off for until now, what with the surgery and pneumonia and all. They had changed the layout of the machines into a funkey figure of eight which got me all confused, and then the instructor lady had nothing better to do than to interfere with my workout... don't bother me in the gym, Bokkie! Curves is an odd spot with the average age being around 45. It's a bunch of women hopping about, but quite fun really.

Daniel did a typical Uncle Trev thing this weekend. He came up to me with a big grin - I thought I was going to get a hug - turned around, placed his bum on my leg, and pushed out a fart. Then he collapsed with complete amusement. Where do boys learn these kinds of things?

On Saturday afternoon we went down to the Hermanus yacht club where Dirk went canoing with some friends, Andries and Coia. Andries is a fitness machine so Dirk was shattered after their paddle in the double canoe. But he's still super keen to get into the sport.

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KJ-Starre said...

Hahahaha! I had such a good laff! Love the "bokkie" statement & Daniel. I need to share some disturbing facts about that toilet humor issue..... it is not unique to boys. Cas...bless her sweet heart, did it to me too on the weekend but in an even more disgusting way. After the deed she raced off hozing herself. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Nice chatty post!