Saturday, January 19, 2008

African Adventure

This is how close the fire got to the school playground. The play boat has about half a metre of burnt fibre glass. Mario, the leader of the Bosko church, and his elders were standing on the jungle gym, praying. If you see how the school is surrounded by burnt grass on three sides, God must have heard.

Sianne (sister) ordered some DVDs from eBay in the UK for me and brought them out with her this December. One of them is the "Mr Men and Little Miss" stories. Earlier, the kids were saying who they were-

Daniel: "I'm Mr Strong."
Aimee: "I'm Little Miss Sunshine."
Daniel: "Papa is Mr Brave."
Aimee: "Mommy is Little Miss Cross."

Aaahhh. Am I a grumpy cow all the time? I hope it was just for that hour or so.

Daniel got a Spiderman body board for his birthday. I thought we'd get with the beach-holiday town vibe and get our little surfer going. But it was not a good day for the beach. The wind whipped the board all over poor Daniel before we'd even gotten down to the lagoon. While I was planning to make a quick exit, friends of ours, Bev, Hein and Olivia came across. Daniel is very fond of Olivia, so I thought I'd let them play. And then another brave lot came down - Chantal, Dieter and Nicole - and they were all kitted out with straw beach mats and drinks. We looked like a bunch of die-hard Gautengers who were determined to get in beach-time. But since we're now locals, I packed the shivering kids into their hooded towels and headed home.

Reflective aside-
The other day I was driving into town and felt fully happy. I am always wanting to go-go-go somewhere abroad on a little adventure, but then I thought, "Why?". We are all so happy here in Hermanus, and it's not the beauty of the place that does it. It is absolutely the people we've met here through Live The Life church. They place a high value on building real friendships. If we were to leave, I'd miss them all terribly.

Aimee and Daniel have just built a house in their bedroom with blankets and what-not. Aimee invited me in, gave me a hug and said, "I love my Mommy very much!". Whew, the Little Miss Cross incident was a fleeting moment.

This morning we were at Andries' and Coia's farm near Stanford for breakfast with the leadership team of LtL. After eating, we piled into a vintage Willies Jeep, like in those Vietnam war movies, and a 4x4 bakkie to go up the hill. The kids were with the dads on the padded seats of the Jeep, and the young folk (me too!) were at the back of the bakkie. I put all thoughts of snakes aside and enjoyed the African farm outing. Some way from the top, the Jeep first got stuck in a wet ditch, and then ran out of petrol. So everyone (about 21 people at the back, including kids, and three in the front) squashed into the bakkie for the trip down. Very cosy. I arrived back with a lovely bossie-kop hair style from the wind.


Five-Browns said...

Re The Little Miss Cross .... Tonight at prayer time Faith prays : Thank you Lord for a wonderful day and that Mommy not shout at us.... OMIWORD.

KJ-Starre said...

Nice post...lots of yummie news! Love the bossie-kop comment hahaha! Sounds like you guys are now well and truly Hermanusites??? All ruralised...sounds like something I could get used Canada :o)